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Enneagram Stances

  • 09/17/2024
  • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Zoom



Enneagram Stances

  • Date: Tuesday September 17, 2024
  • Time: 6:30-8:30pm CST
  • Location: Online on Zoom
  • Presenter: Suzanne Stabile (she/her)

After students of the Enneagram identify their personality type, many want to know what to do about what they’ve learned. Because of the inevitable wounding we all experience in childhood, we lose our ability to balance the three centers of intelligence: thinking, feeling and doing. Learning to balance these three centers frees up enormous amounts of physical, emotional, and spiritual energy.

Enneagram Stances are determined by naming the weakest of these centers and understanding the Stances begins a lifelong process that seeks to use each of the centers for its intended purpose. The three Stances are named according to our initial response to others. People in the Dependent Stance move toward others, those in the Withdrawing Stance move away and those in the Aggressive Stance move independently.

One stance is no better or worse than another. We simply tend to over-rely on one, continually falling back on it whether it’s appropriate to the situation or not. The stance of our number often becomes our “go to” approach that we fall back on, often under pressure or in unfamiliar or uncomfortable situations.

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presenter Bio

Suzanne Stabile is a highly sought after speaker and teacher, known for her engaging laugh, personal vulnerability and creative approach to Enneagram instruction. After 25 years of studying the enneagram, learning from people’s stories, cultivating relationships, and learning under Father Richard Rohr, she has become a bestselling author and world class teacher of the enneagram and how individuals can best utilize this spiritual tool. She co-authored The Road Back to You, and wrote The Path Between Us, and The Journey Toward Wholeness, and is the host of the popular podcast, The Enneagram Journey. She lives in Dallas with her husband and co-founder of Life in the Trinity Ministry, Rev. Joseph Stabile. They have 4 children and 9 grandchildren. Learn more about Suzanne here.

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