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We are an inclusive, engaged community committed to spreading the beauty and wisdom of the Enneagram as a powerful map for growth and transformation.  We offer opportunities for personal development through promoting awareness of the Enneagram, providing education about the Enneagram, and building a thriving Enneagram community.  

Our values align with the Enneagram’s centers of intelligence:

  • Be curious - head center
  • Practice and inspire compassion for ourselves and others - heart center
  • Act with integrity - body center

Founded as a nonprofit, volunteer-led local chapter of the International Enneagram Association, we have been offering quality Enneagram education events since 1998. 

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Our board

Enneagram Minnesota is governed and managed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors with officers including President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Tasks are carried out by committees including Membership, Outreach, Program, Communications, and Library. Get to know us below!

Feel free to communicate questions, ideas, and other feedback to any board member. We welcome your input! Contact us.

Chelsea Forbrook (She/Her)


The Enneagram, more than any other tool, has helped me discover true compassion for myself and others. The self-awareness I have gained through using the Enneagram feels like I have found the fast track or the “cheat code” to spiritual growth. I am a certified Spiritual Director and Enneagram educator, and am thrilled that the Enneagram “found me” so that I can share it with others! Learn More.

Patty Nelson (She/Her)

Discussion Group Facilitator

Embracing the Enneagram has allowed me to move out of my head and into my heart and body to live a fuller and more joyful life. To deepen my knowledge and understanding of the Enneagram, I am completing the Chestnut Paes Professional Certification Program. As an Integrative Health and Wellbeing Coach, I love introducing the Enneagram to others as a tool to improve their overall health and wellbeing. Learn more.

Karen Carlsen (She/Her)

Program Committee Chair

When finally, in 2015, I sat in an Enneagram class taught by a dear friend, and tried on the lens of the Type 6, I was floored. My whole world changed. After believing that I was a Type 2 for 20 years because as a Social worker and now a licensed therapist, I loved to help people. Why I loved helping people never really dawned on me until that day. The Enneagram has been my path – both personally and professionally since then. As a therapist in private practice, I use the Enneagram as a lens for healing and transformation daily with my clients. I am excited to join with other Enneagram enthusiasts on the vibrant Enneagram Minnesota Board to keep sharing the gems of this incredibly magical thing called the Enneagram. Learn more.

Scott McRae (he/him)


I first encountered the Enneagram when I was in a chaplain residency program in 1996. It really grabbed a hold of me when I found how it helped my wife and I make sense of why we triggered each other at times. I started teaching the model to chaplaincy students in the following years, and then branched out to health care leaders. The Enneagram has become a key aspect of my client and workshop offerings through my Sojourners Institute business. And, with my past work as a pastor and current work as a spiritual director, I especially enjoy exploring the Enneagram as a gateway to spiritual growth.  

Wendy Berg (she/her)


After many years of studying Enneagram books on my own, a chance encounter at a craft sale led me to the beautiful community at Enneagram Minnesota.  This has helped me move from learning about the Enneagram into applying the Enneagram to my growth journey.  Applying the Enneagram teachings has been transformational on my path to understand myself and given greater depth to my compassion and understanding of others. ‘Everyone should learn this!’ is something I often think, when considering how much I’ve grown through the Enneagram. The world needs more compassion and understanding, and the Enneagram is a powerful tool to support that type of growth. I am honored to serve on the board of Enneagram Minnesota to help broaden the impact of the Enneagram, equipping people with the skills of self-awareness and presence to go out and bring their gifts to the world.

Rose McManus Carlsen (She/Her)

The Enneagram has taught me to show up in my own life with greater presence, compassion, integrity, excitement and joy. It is one of the most powerful and engaging tools for personal transformation that I have encountered during a lifetime of personal growth. My journey with the Enneagram inspired me to listen to my heart and gave me the courage to shift from a lifelong career as a physical therapist into a calling as an End of Life Doula, certified Spiritual Director and soon-to-be-certified Enneagram practitioner through the Chestnut Paes Professional Certification program. I am excited for the opportunity to continue integrating my body, mind, heart and spirit by supporting the vibrant Enneagram Minnesota community as a member of the board.

Gail Nylin (she/her)

My journey with the Enneagram began in 2004 when one of my dialysis patients suggested that the Enneagram would be helpful for my work.  Enneagram MN has been a wonderful and supportive community as I have applied the wisdom to my work and personal life.  

Jeannine Myrvik (She/Her)

I first experienced the value of the Enneagram about 6 years ago at a training my workplace sponsored.  I was amazed at the accuracy and depth it was able to offer into my understanding of my coworker’s personalities.  Within a short time I had typed myself and my family and whoever else would let me talk to them about the enneagram.  I had thought I was self aware before I learned about this system but the enneagram has truly been the most important self awareness work I’ve done as an adult. It is now a core part of how I work with clients in my therapy work and how I continue on my own personal growth journey.  I am in the process of becoming a certified Enneagram professional through the Chestnut Paes Professional certification program.  I’m excited to expand my enneagram community through this training and through connecting with MN Enneagramists.  

Courtney Perry (She/Her)

Throughout my career as a photojournalist, I studied the Enneagram and practiced yoga, a trifecta that served me well. I raced around observing the gamut of humanity while feeding my mind with study, working through all that built up internally via physical movement and breathwork. Now in my late 40s, photography has taken a back seat to the Enneagram and yoga, which I now teach in tandem. After many years of inner and embodied work, my 7 self is finally slowing down to be wholly present where I am. Through contemplative practice and Enneagram wisdom, I am grateful to be growing into my best self, even when it's uncomfortable. Learn more.

Lindsay Read (She/Her)

The Enneagram was shared with me as I was starting a second career as a leadership coach in my mid-30s. I had been through a challenging transition back to the U.S. after living abroad and was seeking to understand my reaction to the change. The Enneagram felt like a source of wisdom I could trust. I found myself returning to it again and again whenever I came across a part of my self or my life I didn’t understand. For me personally, it has helped me feel a deep satisfaction with life that I feared was out of reach. I have become profoundly grateful for the roles I play in life, including as a spouse, a mom, and a coach. In my work with clients who are developing the courage to lead, the Enneagram eases their journeys. Learn more.

Sue Wheeler (She/Her)

I became a great fan of the Enneagram about seven years ago, when my training helped me identify and understand my Social 8 Subtype. Since then, the Enneagram continues to help me deepen my own journey and do my own inner work so that I can help others do the same. As a leadership development coach and consultant, I’ve always believed that the two most important qualities of a leader are self awareness and emotional intelligence. The Enneagram is the best map I know of to develop both, and so much more! I am on the Professional Certification track through the Chestnut Paes Enneagram Academy this year, and am a very grateful student. I look forward to engaging with this dynamic and wholehearted Enneagram Minnesota community.

Peter Troolin (he/him)

I was introduced to the Enneagram about seven years ago through Richard Rohr’s teachings and was hooked immediately.  I have found the Enneagram to be more intuitive and robust than other personality typing tests.  Uniquely, it identifies the motivations behind our behavior and also recognizes the dynamic nature of our personalities.  Reading books about the Enneagram gave me a base of understanding of the system but the real growth started when I joined Enneagram MN and got involved with the community.  The Enneagram has been instrumental in my ongoing journey towards wholeness.  I am certified through Ann Muree’s Full Circle Enneagram Training. I really believe that if more people took the Enneagram seriously it would make this world a better place, more kind and less reactive.  One of my favorite quotes is by Abraham Joshua Heschel:

“When I was young, I admired clever people.  Now that I am old, I admire kind people”. - Abraham Joshua Heschel

Being “clever” is an Ego thing, being “kind” is an Essence thing.  The Enneagram helps us move from Ego to Essence.

Becky Timm (She/Her)

The Enneagram is my North Star - always guiding me to the next right action as a Nine. I studied by myself for years and then signed up for Anne Muree's training in 2021. Being with other Enneagram folks is by far the best way to learn and grow. I am working my way through the Chestnut Paes Personal Certification program. I have been an executive director for small nonprofits for over a decade and am delighted to be a part of the Enneagram Minnesota Board. I hope to meet many of you, and learn together!

Anne Mureé (She/Her)

Board Member Emerita

In 1998 I co-founded the Minnesota Chapter of the IEA and the support of this vital community has blessed my journey since then. My passion is to inspire people to live from their “true nature,” be all they can be, and celebrate a life of joy and ease. The Enneagram System has been a beacon for my personal journey toward wholeness and is a cornerstone of my work. I am a Master Coach, Deep Listener, Motivational Teacher, and Experienced Facilitator. Learn more.

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