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Welcome to the Minnesota Chapter of the International Enneagram Association

The Minnesota Chapter of the International Enneagram Association (MN-IEA) is a vibrant community that shares an interest in using the Enneagram as a path to presence and transformation. We are proud to have celebrated our 20th Anniversary in 2018.


Open the door to more compassionate understanding of yourself and others, at home, at work, and in the world. The Enneagram provides profound insights into the motivations and dynamics of nine archetypal personality styles, creating potential for a more integrated, fulfilling life.
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MN-IEA events focus on giving you tips, tools, and connections to use the Enneagram for self-remembrance and transformation. Check out our lively evening meetings, active discussion groups, and in-depth weekend workshops.
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Attend free monthly Enneagram meetings, develop new friendships and professional relationships, and savor our member appreciation brunch, as well as other substantial membership benefits.
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Highlighted Event

Please join us for our Member Appreciation Brunch

Barbara Arney will present: The Never Ending Gift of Self-Compassion: How Self-Compassion Paves the Way for Growth

December 8th
10am – 1pm
Carondelet Center, St. Paul

The Enneagram allows us to recognize our historical patterning, gifts and familiar stuck points. It’s easy to see our stuck points (our shadow) and turn away or judge ourselves harshly. Unless we bring appreciation, commensurate with our awareness, learning the Enneagram, can be self-defeating and discouraging. So how do we appreciate without collapsing into self-indulgence or acting out?

2018-2019 MN-IEA Events Calendar

September 26, 2018
Introduction to the Enneagram with Kate Ostrem
Meeting Details

October 27 & 28, 2018
The Enneagram and Inner Critic Workshop
Presented by Michael Naylor and Lynda Roberts
Workshop Details

November 14, 2018
Stories and Community with Phil GebbenGreen
Meeting Details

December 8, 2018
Member Appreciation Brunch
The Never Ending Gift of Self-Compassion, How Self-Compassion Paves the Way for Growth with Barbara Arney
Event Details

January 23, 2019
Typing, Triadics, and Transformation with Anne Mureé

February 20, 2019
Evolving the Self Through the Enneagram with Scott McRae

April 24, 2019
My Relationship with Other Types: Inner Lines of the Enneagram and More with Debbi Horton

May 22, 2019
The Enneagram Symbol and the Law of Three: Busting through Roadblocks on our Spiritual Path with Dave Hall

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