Online Discussion Groups

Free and open to all, but registration is required!

6:30-8pm CST

Location: Zoom

A Zoom link will be sent once you register. Log in to the Zoom link at 6:15pm to make sure your computer’s camera and microphone are working properly. We will get underway at 6:30pm.

Whether you are new to the Enneagram or have been involved for a long time, we invite you to join us. Come share your experiences, discoveries, and wisdom as we explore together and learn from each other. ​The intention of this discussion group is to provide a peer setting where we can meet, share, learn, inspire, and encourage one another. We aspire to provide a space for meaningful, heartfelt connection that supports our capacity to grow in understanding, awareness, and compassion. Your curiosity, care, observations, personal experience, and wisdom are welcome.

March 9: The “Process Enneagram” Levels of Awareness Model

This is an opportunity to talk with each other and share what you learned about The “Process Enneagram” from Bea Chestnut and Uranio Paes during the workshop they presented on the Levels of Awareness Model. What was new to you about levels of awareness as they described them? What aspects of the Vertical Dimension of Type and Your Individual Growth Journey did you gain a deeper understanding of? What inspired you? How do you see this model being useful to you in your personal experience of life? It’s OK if you did not attend the workshop, you are welcome to join us and hear what others have to say.

April 13: The Enneagram and Your Life Calling

May 11: The Enneagram and Relationships