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Enneagram Minnesota is a volunteer-led local chapter of the International Enneagram Association. We have been offering quality Enneagram education events since 1998.

Enneagram teaches that we are three-centered beings, with needs to engage our heads, hearts, and bodies. All centers are equally important, but the head has tended to be over-emphasized in Enneagram learning. So, this programming year we are moving beyond intellectual curiosity and diving deep into topics of the heart and body. We believe Enneagram is a path to presence and transformation. We have excellent facilitators to guide us. Join us on the journey!

Enneagram & Sexuality

annual member brunch

Join us in-person on Saturday, December 3 from 9:30am-12pm CT at Carondelet Center, St. Paul, MN. 

This annual Enneagram Minnesota Members brunch is packed with opportunities for both connection and learning. Human sexuality is a universal part of our humanity. The Enneagram is a sacred tool to create more self-awareness and growth. When you combine the two you have a greater understanding of how our instincts and type create meaning around sexual expression. In this presentation we will touch on the role of instinct, the meaning making we create around sexuality, and the nuance of type in this expression. We will also focus on greater understanding through both lecture and interactive exercises for participants to get in touch with your own meaning making around sex.

Facilitated by Lyndsey Fraser.

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Enneagram & Qigong

an experiential session for the gut, heart, and head

Join us online on Monday January 9, 6:30-8:30pm CT via zoom.

Come join this session on Qigong and the Enneagram and get your year of deeper embodiment off to a great start! Qigong is the art of cultivating awareness of Life Force in every moment. It is a 3,000-year-old approach to living with more health and well-being through gentle movements, breathing, and visualization. As a Riso-Hudson Enneagram student and practitioner for nearly 20 years when Kathy first learned Qigong, it was these practices that changed her understanding of Don Riso’s Levels of Development.

Just like the Enneagram, Qigong is simultaneously a developmental and a spiritual path. Qigong’s three Dantians, or energy centers in the body, map directly to the Enneagram; they are in the gut, heart, and head. These practices take an experiential approach to transforming contractions and resistance, untangling emotional reactivity, and strengthening the capacity to unhook from fear and uncertainty. We move beyond observation and habit change into a profound dialogue with Life Force itself, with the Domain of Liberation.

Facilitated by Kathy Jankowski.

Learn more and register here.

enneagram & The Centers

Three Fundamental Ways to Process Experience

Join us online on Thursday February 2, 6:30-8:30pm CT via zoom.

This program is designed to expand our understanding of one of the roots of our Ennea-type—the three Centers of Head, Heart and Body.

We will clarify how the three centers operate and we will identify in ourselves what happens when we are stuck in our center.  We will also discuss the three qualities of “presence.”  Being – Loving – Awareness.  We will discover what we can do in the here and now to gain freedom from the “stuckness” and suffering of our type. 

If you want to live your life more in the present moment, don’t miss this meeting!

Facilitated by Anne Murée.

Learn more and register here.

Enneagram & The Body

A Panel Discussion

Join us in-person on Thursday March 2, from 6:30-8:30 pm CT at Carondelet Center, St. Paul, MN. 

We will dive deeper into what it means to be a Body Centered Type. As this Center of Intelligence has often been under-represented/misunderstood and discounted in the U.S. dominant culture, (that often has over-valued Head intelligence and only recently has come to honor/value Heart - emotional intelligence),  we wanted to start with this Center-  to illuminate for us what it feels like to sense and understand the world primarily through Body Intelligence.

With Types 8, 9 and 1 represented by members of our community, we will have a facilitated discussion centering on what it means to encounter and interpret the world primarily through kinesthetic sensing and movement.

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A Panel Discussion

Join us in-person on Thursday April 6, from 6:30-8:30 pm CT at Carondelet Center, St. Paul, MN. 

We will dive deeper into what it means to live primarily from the Heart or ‘emotional’ Center. The Heart center regulates the feeling function - the experience and expression of emotions. Connecting primarily through empathy, the Heart center allows you to feel your emotions and connect to others. When used in healthy ways, the Heart Center can guide us in relating to ourselves and each other in healthy ways. Overuse or underuse of this Center can lead to over-sensitivity and/or emotional manipulation. Come hear a facilitated panel discussion among Types 2, 3, and 4 to understand more deeply what it means to live primarily through the Heart Center.

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Enneagram & The Head

A Panel Discussion

Join us in-person on Thursday May 4, from 6:30-8:30 pm CT at Carondelet Center, St. Paul, MN. 

We will conclude our Centers exploration by hearing from a panel comprised of  Head or ‘intellectual’ Center Types 5, 6, 7s. This Center regulates the thinking function; how we experience and express our thoughts, beliefs, and other cognitive activities. While rational thought, analysis and reasoning is essential, over-reliance on this kind of intelligence can lead to over-analysis - what is often referred to as ‘analysis paralysis’. Come hear our panel of Head types offer insights and stories related to helpful and not so helpful ways that this Center operates in their lives.

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What's coming next?

Check out our event calendar below, which includes our monthly discussion groups. Click on any date to register or learn more. You can also see more details about our programming on our events page.

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