About MN-IEA

Our mission is to offer opportunities for personal development through promoting awareness of the Enneagram, providing education about the Enneagram, and building an Enneagram community.

Founded in 1998 as a nonprofit, volunteer-led local chapter of the International Enneagram Association, we are proud to celebrate our 20th Anniversary in 2018. Over the past two decades, the MN-IEA has hosted many of the world’s leading Enneagram teachers, and the IEA has chosen the Twin Cities for two annual conferences.

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MEET THE MN-IEA Board of Directors

The MN-IEA is governed and managed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors with officers including President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Tasks are carried out by committees including Membership, Outreach, Program, Communications, and Library. Feel free to communicate questions, ideas, and other feedback to any board member. We welcome your input! Contact us at info@mn-iea.org.

  • Chelsea Forbrook
    Chelsea Forbrook President

    The Enneagram, more than any other tool, has helped me discover true compassion for myself and others. The self-awareness I have gained through using the Enneagram feels like I have found the fast track or the “cheat code” to spiritual growth. I am a certified Spiritual Director and Enneagram educator, and am thrilled that the Enneagram “found me” so that I can share it with others! Learn More.

  • Jean Brandes
    Jean Brandes

    ​When I was younger I was primarily an outdoor adventurer. As I matured I came to realize that internal adventures were as great as those I experienced in the outer world. One of the ways I have explored the rich life within is through the study of Enneagrams. I am grateful that we have such an active chapter in Minnesota. And I am grateful to have the opportunity to delve deeper through a commitment to this board.

  • Susanne Gawreluk
    Susanne Gawreluk

    I am on the MN-IEA board to support community awareness.  As a certified Enneagram teacher, I facilitate Enneagram outreach at Shakopee Women’s prison and at our free monthly discussion group at the Roseville library. My passion is coaching self-discovery of the head, heart and body connection as a medical massage therapist and healing touch practitioner at Lakeview hospital.  I also have a private practice. Learn more.

  • Phil GebbenGreen
    Phil GebbenGreen

    Studying the Enneagram has deepened my self-understanding and faith, given new breath to my relationships, and invigorated my career. I love the MN-IEA for giving us a place to experience a diversity of approaches and teachers and bringing in national speakers that I would never see otherwise. I am a co-pastor with my wife at Edgcumbe Presbyterian Church in Saint Paul and use the Enneagram both personally and in my work.

  • Kathleen Grittner
    Kathleen Grittner

    I enjoy being a member of this active Enneagram chapter, having the opportunity to gather regularly with people engaged in personal exploration and spiritual expansion. The Enneagram has enriched my relationships and shed light onto my understanding of the imaginal realm. For me art/imagery has been a primary conduit for self-awareness. I blend my art therapy background with teaching the Enneagram. Through imagery I assist others in seeing their unique path toward wholeness as described by the Enneagram. Learn more.

  • Debbi Horton
    Debbi Horton Past President

    Learning about our different Enneagram styles has taught me how deeply connected we all are. What a gift to experience this connection in our MN-IEA community! Whether at an member meeting, a discussion group, a workshop, or a board meeting, the beauty of each and every person touches me. Knowing the Enneagram also complements and deepens my work as a Spiritual Director. I’m a Certified Enneagram teacher and I love sharing the Enneagram with others. Learn more.

  • Darla Keller
    Darla Keller Treasurer

    I am thankful for our local Enneagram community and enjoy the many and varied opportunities available to gather with others, learning and growing. The Enneagram has taught me so much—how to listen better, how to communicate more effectively, and how to appreciate the unique perspective and gifts we each bring to the world. These insights are also helpful in the work I do assisting individuals and families manage their day-to-day financial affairs.

  • Emmy Nelson
    Emmy Nelson Secretary

    The Enneagram is the most helpful personal growth tool I’ve ever used. What I love about studying this method is how deep and rich it can be. You start with observing your own unconscious behavior, learning what motivates yourself and others, and then continue on the path to deeper understanding and spiritual growth. We are blessed to have a MN-IEA chapter with members who are so accomplished and educated in their knowledge of the Enneagram. We truly are a community that supports our members in their personal and professional growth.

  • Mia Sierra Patton
    Mia Sierra Patton Communications Chair

    I was raised with the Enneagram, my parents used it as a primary parenting and relationship tool throughout my life. As a family we were lucky to have this model to navigate our differences as a part of daily life. We’ve shared this tool with hundreds of other people and I’m grateful to have a chance to share it even more widely through the MN-IEA, especially because the Enneagram has been instrumental in my personal faith journey. I truly believe this tool is for everyone and that any and all can benefit from its wisdom.

  • Rodger Smith
    Rodger Smith Membership Chair

    The Enneagram is one of the most profound sources of insight, inspiration, and healing that I have ever found! It’s helped me become a better father and friend. It’s a privilege to get to know the members of MN-IEA as I see and hear their honest and earnest efforts to become better people through the study of the Enneagram. And the friendships that I have made here have been truly life-changing.  I work in the software industry and have always been a “techy” so I enjoy offering my technical expertise to the organization!

  • Anne Mureé
    Anne Mureé Board Member Emerita

    In 1998 I co-founded the Minnesota Chapter of the IEA and the support of this vital community has blessed my journey since then. My passion is to inspire people to live from their “true nature,” be all they can be, and celebrate a life of joy and ease. The Enneagram System has been a beacon for my personal journey toward wholeness and is a cornerstone of my work. I am a Master Coach, Deep Listener, Motivational Teacher, and Experienced Facilitator. Learn more.