The Enneagram of Essence – A Storytelling Panel

WEDNESDAY, February 9, 2022

7:00 – 9:00pm CST

Location: Zoom

The Enneagram reminds us of what is GOOD about us, deep in our core. Our Essence is something pure, beautiful, and powerful that can never be taken from us, no matter what we’ve been through. It is our True Self, beneath all the layers of defenses, stories, and neurotic habits that we call personality. We all have a tendency to get lost in our personality and it creates stress for us and the people around us. But there is a way back home to our True Selves! This panel will explore the journey home to Essence for each of the 9 Enneagram types through personal stories.

Registration required

  • Free to MN-IEA Members and people 30-years-old and under.
  • $20 for all other guests

A Zoom link will be sent when you register.

Meet your presenter Chelsea Forbrook

Chelsea Forbrook is the President of the MN-IEA and is a Spiritual Director and Enneagram Educator based in Minneapolis, MN. She takes great delight in making spiritual principles and practices easy and accessible for all. Chelsea is certified through Full Circle Enneagram and is doing ongoing training through the Enneagram Institute and Russ Hudson’s year long Depth Certification in Conscious Living. She teaches a 10 month experiential Enneagram Course for personal transformation, is the creator of the Enneaplaque (a meditation tool for awakening), and hosts a podcast called “The Enneagram of Essence.”

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