Enneagram and Relationships

MONDAY, APRIL 19, 2021

7-9pm CST

Location: Zoom

All of us experience healthy relationships in our lives. How are we engaging and what, exactly, are we doing to support relationships working well? In other relationships, we find ourselves repeating patterns that limit our full relational potential. The emotional maturity necessary for our primary relationships is cultivated by our willingness to be aware, honest, and intimate with ourselves. Healthy relationships emerge when we can be present with what is in ourselves and in the other.

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  • $20 for all other guests

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Meet your presenter Sandra Smith

Sandra Smith, MDiv, is a Certified Narrative Tradition teacher, an Enneagram Consultant and an IEA (International Enneagram Association) Accredited Professional and Spiritual Companion. Sandra teaches the Enneagram throughout North America as a tool for personal and professional development and spiritual growth.

In the Spring of 2018, Sandra and an Enneagram colleague created a podcast, Heart of the Enneagram, and explored dimensions of the nine unique personalities as they interviewed guests. Heart of the Enneagram podcast has over 200,000 downloads in 80 countries.

Sandra co-authored the podcast companion book: Heart of the Enneagram: A Companion for Deepening Personal and Spiritual Growth. Learn more about Sandra and her work here.

What people are saying about Sandra:

Sandra Smith is a strikingly gifted teacher of the Enneagram. Her knowledge of the system is encyclopedic, both subtle and deep, and her years of experience as a teacher and a practitioner of the system are evident. Her trainings’ are well-organized and balanced in didactic and experiential components, making for an excellent learning environment. I have been to multiple workshops given by Sandra, both beginning and advanced, and the buzz at breaks and in clusters of participants at the close of the day is always the same: “This is fascinating, powerful material.”…”She is fantastic!”
-Lee Ensign, Ph.D.

I simply cannot adequately say how much I appreciate what you brought to our retreat this weekend. Our students were energized, moved, and encouraged in their transformations, and for that I am so grateful.
-Rev. Christopher Copeland, Wake Forest Divinity School

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