Enneagram and DreamWork

THURSDAY, January 13, 2022 

7:00 – 9:00pm CST

Location: Zoom

The primary intention of our session will be to support your ability to remember and engage your dreams, and from there to invite you to discern in what ways your dominant Enneagram type expresses itself (or seeks to make itself known) in your dream life. At least ten days prior to our session, your work will begin when you receive a journal meant to inspire and guide your dream recollection. In preparation, I’ll invite you to take notes of (or draw or otherwise begin your engagement with) the dreams (or “dreamlets”) that stay with you on waking. We will speak briefly about different ways to engage your dream life, allowing time for meaningful breakout exploration. You may find that working with your dreams in this way will catalyze greater self-awareness and creativity for the new year.

Registration required

  • Free to MN-IEA Members and people 30-years-old and under.
  • $20 for all other guests

A Zoom link will be sent when you register.

Meet your presenter Athena Pallis

My work with the Enneagram began more than a decade ago, in my training as an Integral Coach. In the years since, it’s been central to my work. I’m a graduate of the Enneagram Institute’s comprehensive training program, have received certifications from The Enneagram in Business and Changeworks, and have attended a whole host of other Enneagram and other development workshops and trainings. I’ve worked with dreams and informally studied dreamwork for years; thus far I’ve received Certificate I in my ongoing study of Dream Tending™ at Pacifica Graduate Institute. It was at my first session at Pacifica that I was struck by the potential of holding enneatype and dream life understanding together, in my personal work and in my work with others. My undergraduate degree is in Liberal/Religious Studies, and I’m currently pursuing an MA in Counseling Psychology with an Integral Psychology concentration. 

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