Purposes and Passions


7-9pm CST

Location: Zoom

When we’ve been working with the Enneagram for a while, familiarizing ourselves with our habits and patterns, the “static” starts to fade and we may experience more space and less conflict in our lives, and our inner critics might have a lighter touch. In that space, we might notice that signals start to come through. We might recognize that this job isn’t for us, that we have a gift we haven’t yet brought into the world, or that we are not living where we need to be. We might even start to receive clues about who we really are, and what that deeper self is yearning for.

This workshop will explore the concept of a Calling and what it means to follow one. Then we will look at how each Type has an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to responding to a Calling, and how each Type has a primary obstacle that causes us to “miss the mark,” to either ignore or misunderstand a Calling when it appears.

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  • Free to MN-IEA Members and people 25-years-old and under!
  • $20 for all other guests

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Meet your presenter Ben Campbell

Ben is an Enneagram teacher currently living in Mount Desert, Maine, and his passion when it comes to the Enneagram is using it to engage questions of meaning and fulfillment. The sense of purpose that many of us seek always seems so far away, but the Enneagram shows us it’s much closer than we realize, and it gives us the tools to work through the muck that obscures that truth.

Ben leads a year-long Enneagram course called “Living the Wisdom” which meets Tuesday nights and is currently enrolling for July. He is also launching a 10-Week Inner Work course on the Inner Critic in April. You can find details at his website, www.dragonguidance.com

Ben is Certified with the Enneagram Institute and has been teaching the Enneagram professionally since 2017. This year he will be serving as one of twenty coaches selected to assist with Russ Hudson and Jessica Dibb’s year-long Enneagram Certification Course.

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