Enneagram and Your Life Calling


7-9pm CST

Location: Zoom

Gurdjieff described the process of self-development as “plugging leaks.” It is a crucial part of our human journey, and one that the Enneagram of Personality is uniquely suited for. If we are concerned with becoming more Present, it’s essential to have a vessel capable of containing that Presence. Otherwise we will “leak” it through our automatic behaviors and attitudes. The issue is, most of us treat the Enneagram, and by extension our own selves, as exclusively some kind of self-development project, when in reality the process of “plugging leaks” is the beginning, not the end. To use the Enneagram as merely a tool for self-development is like building a seaworthy ship and then refusing to sail anywhere. Not exactly a satisfying payoff for all that work!

So the question becomes: Once we’ve built that vessel, where do we sail? How do we know where to go and what to do? How might we answer that fundamental question at the core of Gurdjieff’s search, “Who am I really, and why am I here?”

The answer for me lies in knowing how to receive and follow a sacred Calling. Fortunately, knowing and working with your Type is an ideal preparation for that. When we’ve been working with the Enneagram for a while, familiarizing ourselves with our habits and patterns, the static begins to fade. We might experience more space and less conflict in our lives and our inner critics might have a lighter touch. And in that space, we might notice that signals start to come through. We might recognize that this job isn’t for us, that this marriage needs work, that we are not where we need to be. We might even start to remember who we really are.

This workshop will explore the concept of a Calling and what it means to follow one, using the Enneagram symbol itself as a clue. Then we will explore how each Type tends to approach a Calling: their gifts and obstacles in receiving and following a Call when it appears, and the ability to discern a true Call from an ego project or other distraction.

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Meet your presenter Ben Campbell

Ben is an Enneagram Teacher certified with the Enneagram Institute in Stone Ridge, NY. He teaches the Enneagram primarily through his ongoing online course “School for Seekers,” as well as in weekend workshops led by his co-teacher–and mom–Jenny Campbell. He currently lives on Mount Desert Island in Maine, where he spends most of his time learning from the mountains and ocean and studying to become a wizard. You can learn more about Ben at dragonguidance.com.

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