“Look Mom! I’m all grown up!”
The Psychology of the Centers with Karen Carlsen


7:00 – 9:00pm CST

Location: Zoom

Remember when you were a kid having mastered some skill like turning a cartwheel or managing to stay upright on your bike or gliding along the monkey bars for the first time? And you proudly called for the attention of a beloved adult to watch you – and inevitably, as soon as they turned to watch, you would fail somehow? And sensing that their attention would leave you before you were satisfied, you’d yell “no not that – watch again!!” You sensed they were looking away and you wanted them to really see you in all your glory – so you kept repeating louder..”no not that..watch again!”

This need for accurate mirroring of our successes and value is something all children have. Heart types, however, unconsciously spend their lives seeking for this attention, validation, affirmation and admiration. Head types, in a similar vein, look for the safety and security they felt lacking…and Body types? As babies, Body types were set down and expected to be independent way too early…way before they were ready. They wanted to stay in the arms of the loving nurturer; all cozy and warm. Come hear how these early holding, mirroring and security injuries play out in the various Centers of Intelligence and how we secretly (unconsciously) keep bidding for these early needs to be met even as mature, responsible adults.

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Meet your presenter Karen Carlsen

Karen Carlsen is a Certified Enneagram Coach and LICSW in private practice using the Enneagram as a therapeutic lens for healing these early injuries that created the survival strategies of all 9 types. Come join us for an overview of how Heart, Head and Body types can heal these early injuries along the path toward growth.

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