Annual IEA Global Conference
The 2017 conference will be held in San Antonio, Texas in July. More details about the conference are available here:

The IEA has an Accreditation program for individual Enneagram teachers, Enneagram Training Programs, and Enneagram Schools. Accredited individuals, programs or schools follow the IEA Code of Ethics with regards to teaching and use of the Enneagram. Accreditation also signifies a certain level of training in the Enneagram.

Nine Points Magazine
In the past, the IEA Nine Points publication was only available to IEA members on a quarterly basis. The format has been changed and you can now find Nine Points on the web, any time, 24/7! Go to

Nine Points encourages all IEA members to submit articles for publication. This is a wonderful way to share your thoughts about the Enneagram with people all over the world. Submissions can be sent to Curt Micka at

IEA Publications
The IEA published Bart Wendell’s book Hot Leaders:Cool Facilitators and Elizabeth Wagele’s book The Enneagram of Death. If you’ve written a book and are looking for a publisher, consider the IEA!

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